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Organovo Holdings, Inc. (the Company) filed suit against Georgie Dimitrov, asserting claims for, inter alia, libel, negligence, and tortious interference with prospective economic advantage. The complaint also sought an injunction. The Court of Chancery ultimately held that Dimitrov had defaulted. Before this court had entered a final order, Dimitrov entered a limited appearance and moved to vacate the default judgment, arguing that the court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over the dispute. The Court of Chancery granted the motion to vacate the default judgment, holding that the court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over the complaint because none of the complaint’s claims were equitable claims, and none of the equitable remedies that the Company cited supported the existence of jurisdiction in this court. View "Organovo Holdings, Inc. v. Dimitrov" on Justia Law

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This appeal concerned the 2015 annual meeting of stockholders held by Preferred Communications Systems, Inc. (PCSI). In advance of the meeting, five members of the Preferred Investors Association (the Association) signed a letter distributed to PCSI’s investors that stated their opposing to the reelection of the incumbent members of PCSI’s the board of directors. Three of the incumbent directors lost their seats. These former directors brought suit against the Association and the members who signed the letter, alleging defamation. Defendants moved to dismiss the claim for failure to state a claim. The Court of Chancery granted the motion as to a subset of statements made in the letter, holding (1) Delaware’s anti-SLAPP statute does not apply; (2) Plaintiffs are limited-purpose public figures; and (3) it is reasonably conceivable that a subset of the letter’s statements were defamatory and made with actual malice. View "Agar v. Judy" on Justia Law