T.J. Rodgers v. Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

T.J. Rodgers served on Cypress Semiconductor Corporation a demand to inspect certain books and records under 8 Del. C. 220. Rodgers founded Cypress, served as its president and CEO for thirty-four years, and beneficially owned approximately 2.35 percent of Cypress’ outstanding common stock. Rodgers asserted that his primary purpose for seeking inspection of the demanded materials was to investigate possible mismanagement. Cypress agreed to provide Rodgers certain requested materials but otherwise denied the demand. Rodgers then filed a complaint to compel the production of the books and records requested in his demand. The Court of Chancery entered judgment in Rodgers’ favor, holding that Rodgers established a proper purpose for his demand. View "T.J. Rodgers v. Cypress Semiconductor Corp." on Justia Law

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