Ridgewood Manor II, Inc. v. Del. Manufactured Home Relocation Auth.

This action challenged the monthly assessments collected by Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Authority under the Manufactured Home Owners and Community Owners Act. In 2004, the Authority set a monthly assessment on landlords and tenants of manufactured home communities. The Act provided that the Authority’s board eliminate or revise the assessment by January 2006. Plaintiffs brought this action seeking relief from the assessment and reimbursement of already collected assessments because the Authority did not eliminate the assessment after January 2006. The Court of Chancery concluded that the statutory immunity of 25 Del. C. 7011(b)(3) protected the Authority and its board from civil liability, at least until the filing of this action. At issue here was whether the notice of the board’s failure to comply with the Act and Delaware’s Freedom of Information Act provided by the complaint in this action meant that the continued collection of the assessment was the product of bad faith conduct. The Court of Chancery concluded that Defendants were entitled to summary judgment, holding (1) the Authority’s board was not acting in bad faith when it believed its actions had avoided the problems posed by the January 2006 trigger date; and (2) the Authority’s conduct after its board received the complaint was not in bad faith, and therefore, the Authority retained its immunity defense. View "Ridgewood Manor II, Inc. v. Del. Manufactured Home Relocation Auth." on Justia Law