Seabreeze Homeowners Ass’n v. Jenney

Petitioner, the homeowners’ association of Seabreeze subdivision, sued Marshall Jenney in an attempt to force him to remove vegetation allegedly growing on his property in violation of deed restrictions. Jenney settled that litigation but allegedly failed to comply with the settlement agreement. Petitioner then filed this action to enforce the settlement agreement. The enforcement action was settled by Jenney’s entry into a consent stipulation entered as an order, again requiring Jenney to trim his foliage. Subsequent litigation involved Petitioner’s ongoing effort to enforce the terms of the stipulation and order. Remaining at issue was the trimming of foliage on one portion of Jenney’s property. Jenney had his wife (together, Respondents) requested a stay of the Court of Chancery’s order directing that Respondents comply with the stipulation and order by June 30, 2015. The Court of Chancery (1) denied Respondents’ request for a stay, holding that the exercise of the Court’s discretion in favor of a stay was not warranted; and (2) ordered Respondents to pay Petitioner’s fees and costs in the amount of $3,750. View "Seabreeze Homeowners Ass’n v. Jenney" on Justia Law