Prokupek v. Consumer Capital Partners LLC

Plaintiff served as the Chairman and CEO of Smashburger Master LLC until his termination in early 2014. Smashburger subsequently informed Plaintiff that it was redeeming Plaintiff’s units in the company. Plaintiff disagreed with Smashburger’s valuation of the units and demanded that Smashburger provide him with documents from specific categories of business and financial records. Smashburger refused Plaintiff’s request on the grounds that it had already redeemed all of Plaintiff’s units, thus terminating Plaintiff's status as a member of Smashburger and precluding him from properly demanding inspection. Plaintiff then filed a complaint against Smashburger. The Court of Chancery granted Smashburger’s motion to dismiss, concluding that Plaintiff was no longer a member of Smashburger when he demanded inspection, and Delaware law does not provide pertinent inspection rights to former LLC members. View "Prokupek v. Consumer Capital Partners LLC" on Justia Law