State, Del. Transit Corp. v. Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 842

An employer terminated an employee, who was represented by a union. The union grieved the termination and, in accordance with a collective bargaining agreement, the matter was submitted to arbitration. An arbitrator ordered the employee reinstated and directed that the employee be credited with benefits that were lost as a result of the termination, including the payment of bonuses for safety and attendance. When the employer did not pay these bonuses to the employee, the union filed an unfair labor practice charge with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). The PERB concluded that safety and attendance bonuses were within the language and scope of the arbitrator’s award. The employer appealed, arguing that the PERB substituted its judgment improperly to modify or to interpret an ambiguous, and thus unenforceable, arbitration award. The Court of Chancery affirmed the decision of the PERB, holding that the bonuses were unambiguously awarded and thus fell within the plain language of the arbitration award, and therefore, the PERB’s decision, whether or not entitled to deference in this context, must be sustained. View "State, Del. Transit Corp. v. Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 842" on Justia Law