Kahuku Holdings, LLC v. MNA Kahuku, LLC

The parties in this case were two members of a Delaware LLC that was created to hold a subsidiary operating a wind farm on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Defendant filed an arbitration demand in Hawaii based on its understanding of the operative LLC agreement. In response, Plaintiff filed suit in the Court of Chancery seeking to enjoin the Hawaii arbitration. After the initiation of this litigation, Defendant filed a motion to compel arbitration in Hawaii. Defendant argued that the Court of Chancery should dismiss this litigation in favor of the pending Hawaii action. The Court of Chancery concluded that the parties agreed in the LLC agreement that both arbitration and questions of arbitrability shall be undertaken in a Hawaii court, and therefore, this action must be stayed or dismissed in favor of Defendant’s action currently pending in Hawaii. View "Kahuku Holdings, LLC v. MNA Kahuku, LLC" on Justia Law