In Re K-Sea Transp. Partners L.P. Unitholders Litigation

This action was before the court on a motion to expedite regarding a transaction in which a Delaware limited partnership was to be acquired for either cash or a combination of cash and the acquirer's stock. Plaintiff-unitholders of the target claim that the process undertaken by the conflicts committee was deficient and therefore, legally ineffective because it failed to consider the fairness of payments made to certain conflicted parties and the independence of the conflicts committee members was tainted by a grant of unvested phantom units they received shortly before merger discussion began. Plaintiffs also contended that the directors failed to provide adequate disclosures to enable the unitholders to make an informed decision as to whether to vote for the transaction. Plaintiffs also asserted that they will suffer irreparable harm if prompt equitable relief was not granted because the general partner of the target was controlled by three allegedly single-purpose entities whose sole assets were their interests in the general partner. As a result, plaintiffs asserted that these entities would become empty shells unless they were prevented from distributing the consideration they received in the transaction. The court held that plaintiffs have shown that at least one of their claims was colorable but plaintiffs' allegations were simply to speculative to support the required showing of irreparable harm. Accordingly, the court denied plaintiffs' motion to expedite. View "In Re K-Sea Transp. Partners L.P. Unitholders Litigation" on Justia Law